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Below are the Adult Classes available at Anne Kingsford Academy of Dance.

Ballet (RAD)

The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is the world’s leading organisations in classical ballet education. Children can begin this program from as young as 2 years, and work up through the graded syllabus learning classical ballet, free movement and character dance. Entry level of a new student is decided by the dance teacher, based upon the child’s age, natural ability for dance, and/ or previous examination passes with another dance school. Exams are not compulsory.


Adult Ballet Fit



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Yin Yoga: A relaxing and restorative form of yoga that works deep into joints, connective tissue and fascia lines of the body to lengthen muscles, and restore and heal the physical body, whilst relaxing and detoxifying mind, body and spirit. With use of props to support the body, asanas (postures) are held for a long duration creating a deep practice that is gentle yet intense, as students ability to stay physically and mentally present increases.

Power Flow Yoga: A dynamic form of yoga focusing on the fundamental s of a Vinyasa style practice, connecting breath with movement to flow through a Vinyasa sequence and moving meditation. Alignment of postures, breathwork and utilisation of bandhas (root locks) are all emphasised to support the spine, develop core strength, tone, detoxify and strengthen mind, body and spirit.

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